Who is Glenfinnan Web Hosting?

It's me, Stephanie Elsy. I've been offering webhosting for my friends and their friends since the middle of 2001. I've taken a gradual track in building this business, avoiding the pitfalls of other small webhosting companies. My background is in accounting so I've been able to balance low prices with profitability to ensure that Glenfinnan stays stable and reliable.

It's just one person?

Yes, it's just me. That means I can't offer 24 hour support but it also means you'll get personal helpful answers rather than some clueless support desk person reading from a script, that's the "personal touch" part. I also make sure that my hosting servers are reliable and never overloaded with too many accounts so that you don't need to reach me in the middle of the night.

So how did you get started?

I've worked in computers and accounting for over 25 years. Accounting work helps me run Glenfinnan responsibly and professionally and my hands-on experience with computers, networks, web design and hosting makes it fascinating and exciting to do every day. I've written database manipulation and report writers, I've set up corporate computer networks, I've built my own computers from scratch and I've been creating and maintaining web sites both small and large since 1999.

I've used a bunch of different webhosts over the years and I've learned what's good and bad, what works and what doesn't. The services I came to value were those that provided intelligent helpful service along with reliable servers. So when I started hosting websites myself, I set those two goals for myself and the best measure of my success is a growing and happy client list!